Stahwille Digital Torque Wrench MANOSKOP® 714 & SENSOTORK® 713R

Torque Angle Wrench MANOSKOP® with Holder for Insertion Tools No. 714

• 4 measuring modes (torque, angle, torque backed up by angle, angle backed up by torque)
• high-definition colour display with additional side-mounted indicator lamps
• freely configurable menu structure
• optionally: Li-ion battery No 7195-2 and charger No 7160
• 3 function modes: cut-out, peak hold (indicating mode with peak value) and track (indicating mode with current value)
• micro USB interface


Electronic Torque Angle Wrench SENSOTORK® with Insertion Tool Reversible Ratchet No. 713R

• simple, flexible operation thanks to operator guidance on large-format display
• very broad measuring range (5% to 100% of rated value)
• supplied with insert tool reversible ratchet
• more insert tools
• QuickRelease safety lock
• for clockwise and anticlockwise torquing
• measurements independent of the point of application of force
• units of measurement: N·m, ft·lb, in·lb
• advance warning points programmable for visual, tactile and acoustic signals


BRAND : Stahwille
SEGMENTATION : Aero space, Calibration lap, Electric appliances, GI, MVI
PRODUCT CODE : Stahwille DIGITAL TORQUE WRENCH :, MANOSKOP® 714 & SENSOTORK® 713R ,stahlwillethailand, stahlwille, DIGITAL TORQUE WRENCH
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