Crane Digital Torque Wrench TCI & TCI Multi Lineside controller

Key Features

• Allows the user to connect and control a Digital Torque Wrench to be used in assembly production

• Wrench can be paired to the TCI with a single button press

• Easy management, set up and diagnostics of itself via Web Browsers

• Can be used stand alone, jobs can be selected and results sent to a PC or webpage

• Accepts Open Protocol commands via Ethernet to select a Job to use with the WrenchStar Multi

• Web Status page allows Ethernet properties, RF properties, logging of messages, and Wrench status to be monitored

• Web Page mirrors last Torque and Angle reading from Wrench plus it’s Torque status (LO, OK and HI)

• 360° LED lights show real time status of the Wrench connection on the unit


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BRAND : Crane
SEGMENTATION : Aero space, Calibration lap, Electric appliances, GI, MVI
PRODUCT CODE :Crane Digital Torque Wrench TCI & TCI Multi Lineside controller, Digital Torque Wrench, TC1AB-0000-CRXXR1 / TC2AB-000-CRXXR5
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